Kazuya Nanjo
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"Certified Craftsperson of Kyo-mono (Kyoto products)" designated by Kyoto Prefecture, 2011

Grand Prix at Kyo-Mono (Kyoto products) Youth Competition, 2021


Kazuya Nanjo is the seventh foundry craft person of a factory specializing in the production of Orin, Shinto and Buddhist altar fittings (sound instruments), using traditional casting and processing techniques developed and the factory’s original material "Sahari" (Copper-based alloys of tin and lead) over 190 years since the establishment.
He has been a craftsperson for 20 years.
In 2019, he launched a brand "LinNe," redefining Orin (Buddhist instrument making a bell-like sound) as a chime to enjoy its sound more freely in the daily lives.
He also collaborates with sound artists and composers, and holds workshops at Apple Kyoto to propose the possibilities of the unique and original sounds made by his products.