Masayoshi Ozasa
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A certified Sake Sommelier, Japan Sake Service Association, 2006
A certified sommelier, Japan Sommelier Association, 2008
A certified teacher of the German Wine Institute, 2019


After graduating from Kyoto Culinary Art College, Masayoshi Ozasa had trained for three years at Kinobu in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto and then, he became a young master at his family's restaurant "Matsusho", established in 1936, making the most of the characteristics of the Tamba region, which is rich in food ingredients to create "Kyoto cuisine that cannot be found in the center of Kyoto".
From 2016 to 2020, he also worked as a lecturer at his alma mater, Kyoto Culinary Art College, teaching over 100 students a year about the culture of Kyoto cuisine, Japanese sake and wine.
In 2019, he represented Japan at "Sommelier Summer School" in Germany to deepen his understanding of German wine, and after back to Japan, he has worked to promote German wine in Japan as a "certified teacher" authorized by the German Wine Institute.