Takaaki Saida
specialist saida top

“First Class Stone Craftsperson" designated by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, 2005
"Certified Craftsperson of Kyo-mono (Kyoto products)" designated by Kyoto Prefecture, 2007
Awarded "Kyoto's Oldest Shop" by Kyoto Prefecture, 2008
"Traditional Craftsperson" designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, 2013
Took part in Restoration of part of the floor stone of the Phoenix Hall, Byodoin Temple, World Heritage Site, 2020


Takaaki Saida is the fifth artisan of Saida Stone Studio, which has been engaged in processing stone and sculpture in Kameoka, Kyoto since 1902.
He uses traditional chisels and stone heads to make Kyoto stone crafts and lanterns, and also specializes in carving works using finer chisels.
In addition to these traditional techniques, various techniques for making lanterns such the delicate finishing touches by using chisels or the traditional Kyoto technique of "weathering", which gives the work a dignified appearance, are also reflected in the joint production with contemporary art.
In recent years, he has exhibited his stone lanterns in the United States, Italy and other countries all over the world, demonstrating their production process and developing new products, which has expanded his activities beyond cultural and national borders.